The warrior cats have different terms for things unlike humans. Here's a list of commonly used clan terms that aren't usually expressed by Twolegs or other animals:


Crowfood or crow-food~ rotten/rotting prey; could also be used as an insult

Fresh-Kill~ freshly caught prey ready to eat

She-Cat~ a female cat

Tom/Tomcat~ a male cat

The Cutter~ the veterinarians

Twoleg~ human

Twoleg Kit~ a child

Twoleg Nest~ a house

Upwalkers~ another term for humans

Housefolk~ yet another term for humans

Dirt~ an animal's waste; could also be used as an insult

Leaf-bare~ winter; cold months

Leaf-fall~ fall/autumn

Greenleaf~ summer

Newleaf~ spring

Moon~ a month

Moonhigh~ midnight; when the moon is highest in the sky

Moonrise~ the beginning of night/when the moon rises; twilight

Half-Moon~ about 2 weeks

Quarter-Moon~ about a week

Sharing Tongues~ cats grooming each other

Silverpelt~ the night sky

Sun-drown-place~ the ocean when the sun is setting

Thunderpath~ human roads

Monster~ a car

Sunhigh~ the time when the sun is highest in the sky; noon

Sunrise~ a cat comparing a day (ex. Two sunrises ago..)

Season~ a quarter of the year

Heartbeat~ a split second

Fox-length~ approximately a yard

Tail-length~ approximately a foot

Mouse-length~ approximately 6 inches

Drypaw~ a cat that dislikes water; could also be used as an insult

Insults and SayingsEdit

Fox Dung~ a rather harsh insult; a curse

Mouse Dung~ less harsh insult; a curse

Fox-hearted~ a very strong insult, usually meaning some cat that is very cruel and blood-thirsty

Bee-brained/bees in your brain~ an insult; meaning crazy, unfocused, ect.

Beetle-brain~ a playful insult

Crazier then a fox in a fit~ acting loud or crazy; could also be "madder then a fox in a fit!"

Fishface/fish-breath~ an insult to cats that eat fish or enjoy the water

Mouse-hearted~ an insult, stating that one is cowardly

Great StarClan!~ similar to "Oh my gosh!"; used when a cat is astonished, stunned, or amazed.

When hedgehogs fly~ showing disbelief, similar to when pigs fly

Making dirt~ using the bathroom

StarClan light your path~ wishing one well

StarClan Knows~ used when describing something that is hard to believe or understand, similar to Who knows or God knows

StarClan's Kits!~ an exclaimation of shock, surprise, or pain. (Ex. StarClan's kits that hurt!)

What in the name of StarClan?~ questioning, similar to what in the name of god?

Feel free to add onto this list.