Dens are what the cats in clans sleep in. There are many different dens, each with different purposes. Here is a list of the common dens, and what they are used for.

  • Leader's Den- The leader sleeps and talks to cats privately here. He or she also plans patrols with senior warriors and discusses things with any cat here.
  • Medicine Cat's Den- The medicine cat sleeps in here along with his/her apprentice, and sometimes injured cats. The Clan's herbs are stored and kept in here, and sick and injured cats are treated here.
  • Warriors' Den- All the warriors sleep in here. This is probably the largest den, since it is the one in which the majority of the cats use.
  • Apprentices' Den- This is where all the apprentices sleep. This den can have anywhere from 0-10 apprentices in at one time, depending on how many kits were born 6-8 moons ago.
  • Nursery- Queens move here shortly after becoming pregnant. They and their kits live in the nursery until the kits are six months old, and become apprentice. The nursery is usually described as crowded since there are usually 1-3 queens in there at a time, although at other times there can be no kits what-so-ever in the clan.
  • Elders' Den- Elders sleep and stay here most of the day. They hardly leave unless to make dirt, go for a walk, or get fresh-kill off the fresh-kill pile. This den will hardly ever get crowded, since most warriors and deputies don't serve their clan long enough to retire. During leaf-bare, if a queen catches greencough, the other queens and kits will move to the elder's den to avoid sickness.