Fanon: One Clan's Destiny: Prologue
Leaders Thrushstar
Medicine Cats Rainleaf
Genre Fantasy/Adventure
Reviews Good
User: Spottedleaf123


"By the power of StarClan, I now name you Thrushfoot," said Branchkit to her littermate as they were playing a game in the nursery. Good times, thought Thrushstar as he reminisced his kithood.

"Thrushstar, I need to talk to you," said a familiar voice. In walked Rainleaf, wearing an amiable but serious countenance. "Dapplekit has consumed many poppy seeds. Not only is our supply low, but I am afraid she will awake in StarClan."

"Oh no." replied Thrushstar with a newly expressed emotion of concern. "Ask another medicine cat, for I have no herbal knowledge."

And with that she strode out of the den, leaving small pawprints in the snow covered branch.

Thrushstar yearned for a deputy, for after losing two lives since his leader ceremony in greenleaf, it felt as though there would be a new leader in a small matter of time. Luckily the other clans hadn't known, because if so, they'd be approaching him, declaring territory, and threatening battle.

Six of his nine lives remained, and he would be a loyal leader, unlike his predecessor, Sunstar, who had left the clan, devoted to becoming a plump, pampered, dignity-lacking kittypet. He knew that if he himself was not a quintessential leader, he knew that he was definitely more loyal and stronger than Sunstar.

Tomorrow being the full moon, signaling yet another gathering, Thrushstar must not stay awake much longer. But little did he know the news BeachClan would tell....

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