Current: BeachClan
Kit: Shellkit
Apprentice: Shellpaw
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Shellpaw
Medicine Cat: Shellsong
Sister: Salmonkit
Mentors: Crabfoot, Larchtail
User: Spottedleaf123

Shellsong is a sleek, graceful, gray she-cat with white paws and a white muzzle with a black tail tip. She also has sky blue eyes that can reflect her mood.

She is the medicine cat of BeachClan. She is very close to StarClan. She is still awaiting an omen from StarClan to tell who should be the deputy of her clan.


Shellkit was born in the midst of Leaf-Bare. Her sister, Salmonkit, died because of the cold. Shellkit, now Shellpaw, began training as a warrior, with her mentor as Crabfoot. He noticed that she had a specific intrest in herbs and after consulting with Sandstar, Shellsong began training to be a medicine cat with her new mentor, Larchtail. She has known to be very close to StarClan, which is a special gift of hers.


Apprentice- Shellpaw

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