Welcome to the Warrior Project!Edit

Our goal is to provide images for each and every cat. Please scroll down to view the blanks for your cat. Thank you!

Leader: Moonstream98

Deputy: Rainlegs 

Senior Warriors: Spottedleaf123

Warriors: Acornfur

Apprentices: Marbil3, Fallowpounce

Elders: None

Reservation TableEdit

When placing a reservation, please put the cat's name and the correct abbreviation for their rank in parentheses.

Leader= (L), Deputy= (D), Medicine Cat= (MC), Medicine Cat Apprentice= (MCA), Warrior= (W), Apprentice= (A), Kit= (K), Elder= (E), Queen= (Q) Loner= (L), Rogue= (R)

User Name Character Art Date Added


Bluerain (W), Queen Blanks, Leader Blanks, Deputy Blanks, Whitefang (W), Amberstorm (W), Sirius (MC), Dovestar (L), Sandstar (L), Cherrypetal (Q) 9/11/11
Acornfur None N/A
Moonstream98 Elder Blanks, Kit blanks N/A
Spottedleaf123 Crabfoot(W),



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