Welcome to the Wikia! If you are reading this, you probably know this. First of all, make sure to follow some rules.

  • Be respectful
  • Don't make sloppy edits to get badges. I understand, they are cool and you want them all! But make good edits to get them. Honestly, you can get blocked for that (and trust me, I am not afraid to do it)!
  • Make a cat! Although it is not required, it is what you should do here, so you might as well do it!
  • Have fun! Nobody has a problem with having fun (and if they do, then they have a problem with me)
  • If you get blocked, I will not hate you or anything. Hate is pointless. As long as you do not manage to get blocked again, I am cool with that. I admit, I am a nice person. Trust me, I will not block or revert your edits if they are actually good!
  • If you like fanons, DO NOT start writing one. Although I am pretty sure you could, I do not know for sure.

Sincerely, Spotty