Vineclan is owned by Spottedleaf123. If you wish to join this Clan, please contact her on her talk page.


VineClan is the fourth Clan. VineClan is located in a dense forest (almost tropical). Their dens are located in the canopies of these forests. The nursery is a large nest (simalar to a bird's) and close to the floor. It is made up of vines, twigs, and moss and can occupy about three queens and their kits. All the other dens are carved out of trees and have small platforms weaved by using vines. Outsiders can not join the clan due to the living environments of this clan.


VineClan cats have abnormally strong front and hind legs, which helps them hunt, climb trees, and jump from tree branch to tree branch. Their main prey consists of squirrels,thrush, robins, finches, and other tree animals. Their only enemies are animals on the ground like badgers and foxes. Kits begin to learn how to climb trees at a very young age. It is considered a rite of passage when you can climb trees like an expert.


Leader: Thrushstar

Deputy: (open)

Medicine Cat: Rainleaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Finchpaw

Warriors: (open)

Queens: Redfern

Elders: (open)

Kits: (open but if wanted must be Redfern's kits.)