Kittypet: Snow
Loner: Bloody Ice
Rogue: Bloody Ice
Apprentice: Whitepaw
Warrior: Whiteblood
Current Clan: MoonClan
Past: Kittypet, Loner, Rogue
Mother: Sara
Father: Coconut
User: Scourgeluv303

Whiteblood is a white she-cat with one missing eye, a badly torn ear, red stripes, red paws, icy blue eyes, and is best known for her red collar with black spikes and her cruel personality.

Snow is born to Sara and Coconut as a kittypet. She was the runt of the litter and was chased into twolegplace by dogs. Her parents were killed. She got into many fights and were given black spikes to make her look fearsome. She was still the age of an apprentice but was very brave. She decided to move her band of rogues into the forest. She was badly injured by other cats, disapproving her being a loner. MoonClan later accepted her into their Clan.